AFF FiftyFifty – English language programme

A program focusing on the UN’s sustainability goal no. 5: pathing the way for more women in top management posisions.

It is crucial to start a more conscious policy of recruiting women to management positions. Women must be motivated to desire and dare to take on leadership responsibilities. The FiftyFifty programme will contribute to this.

We are proud that prof. Hereminia Ibarra (London Business School) will contribute to the programme.

The program is for organisations that:

  • will define concrete and measurable ambitions for more equal gender distribution of leadership roles, and that will commit to implement these measures.
  • will listen and learn from experiences across businesses and industries.
  • will contribute to the mission by sharing their own experience.


For information about the programme,
please download our brochure here.

The 2017 report can be
downloaded here.